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YA Fantasy, 3rd Person POV (female), Male/Female Dialogue


Humor, 3rd Person POV (female), Female/Female Dialogue, Southern Accent

Fantasy, 1st Person POV (female), Male/Female Dialogue
A Nest of Thorns

Non-Fiction, Music and Dance History

Mythology, 1st Person POV (female), Monologue

Thriller, 3rd Person POV (male)- Narrative

Medusa's Sister
The Dog

  "Leslie Gallagher's expertise, enthusiasm, and talent shine through in this production of my novel, A Nest of Thorns.  It was my first time doing an audiobook, and I feel fortunate Leslie agreed to work with me - she brought great knowledge and insight to the process, making it seamless for me.  Her attention to detail, perceptive questions, and ability to capture character voices and emotional nuance add depth to every scene, rendering this a phenomenal listening experience.   She makes my words sound so much better than I remember writing them!"  - Karen Nilsen, Author

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